Consulting Service

OCBang acts as the eyes and ears of tech companies. With a professional team of data analysts and industry experts, we collect industry data via multiple channels and produce the information needed to increase our clients’ competitiveness.


We streamline the organizational structures of tech companies at both headquarter and regional levels. We track their changes to help clients understand how they build and distribute their talent systems.


We track the headcounts, openings, new hires, retentions, and turnovers of tech companies. Our talent analysis allows our clients to identify the pros and cons of their team compared with competitors.


The valuation of a tech firm is determined by variables such as strategies, financing, human capital, R&D, product innovation, WOM, and more. We use AI techniques to build out company evaluation systems.


We aggregate HR data of key high-tech companies via multiple channels, such as headcounts, talent flows, compensation, and more. We track their trends and make predictions for future performance.

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