Senior Product Manager (Price Comparison Operations) 2948

Seattle, US-United States
Posted 3 months ago
About The Company

This company pioneers short-form video creation and social engagement, boasting a vast, engaged user base. Its platform empowers users with creative tools, filters, and effects. With a diverse content ecosystem, it’s a hub of creativity and expression. The proprietary algorithm ensures personalized content feeds, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. This company wields significant influence on digital media, making it an invaluable partner for innovative collaborations and marketing endeavors.

About the Team

The e-commerce industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years and has become a hotly contested space amongst leading Internet companies, and its future growth cannot be underestimated. Our team re-imagines global eCommerce with rich content and endless joy.


1. By comparing the same product, finding and solving the price problems of the platform, and using the comparison results for business scenarios such as product selection, negotiation, subsidies, and pricing, and enhancing the platform’s price advantage;
2. Decompose the platform price system, optimize the price comparison product logic, clarify the price comparison calculation method and realize system automation
3. Continuously improve the timeliness and accuracy of the price comparison system, and be responsible for the quality of manual labeling and algorithm performance that support the price comparison system
4. Abstract the needs of multiple businesses for the price comparison team, and provide a unified standard price comparison definition service.


1. Those with 3 years or more of e-commerce product operation experience and are price sensitive are preferred
2. Good at finding and solving problems through data analysis
3. Good stress resistance and strong execution
4. Love online shopping and proficient in using various e-commerce apps to find the same product
5. Experience in cooperating with outsourcing teams, experience in overseas e-commerce, and English can be used as the working language is preferred.

Job Features

Job CategoryProduct Management
SeniorityStaff IC / Senior Staff IC / Architect
Base Salary$150,000 - $270,000

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