Senior Manager of Seller Recruitment – US 2871

Los Angeles, US-United States
Posted 3 months ago
What you’ll do

1. Responsible for business expansion in US, familiar with the trend in local market and the structure of product, especially in the fashion industry. To improve user relationships and user stickiness through product precipitation. Monitor and analyze US market operation indicators and analyze the market. Be responsible for the traffic conservation efficiency and commodity trading rules.
2. Responsible for the activities and marketing with other multi-departments and resource integration;
3. Conduct periodic data analysis on the sales and inventory of each brand/category, forecast and optimize the sales, drive the matching of product supply and sales;
4. Daily operation monitoring and communication of merchants, data analysis, coordination of marketing activity resources, price negotiation, and help merchants achieve sales growth;
5. Cultivate the growth of merchants through systematic methods such as products preparation/platform rules setting/training, and improve the operational capabilities of merchants;
6. Categorize/hierarchical management of merchants, formulate different operation strategies and plans according to the dominant brands and categories of different merchants;
7. Responsible for formulating the overall strategy development and follow-up of the business, including annual planning, operation plans, etc.;
8. The merchant’s daily order fulfillment performance follow-up, can complete the cooperation horizontally and cross-departmentally, and get the results

Job Features

Job CategoryBusiness Development
SeniorityJunior / Mid IC
Base Salary$100,000 - $180,000

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