DBA 2688

Seattle, US-United States
Posted 8 months ago
About The Company

This company pioneers short-form video creation and social engagement, boasting a vast, engaged user base. Its platform empowers users with creative tools, filters, and effects. With a diverse content ecosystem, it’s a hub of creativity and expression. The proprietary algorithm ensures personalized content feeds, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. This company wields significant influence on digital media, making it an invaluable partner for innovative collaborations and marketing endeavors.

Team Introduction

The e-Commerce industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years and has become a hotly contested space amongst leading Internet companies, and its future growth cannot be underestimated. With millions of loyal users globally, we believe our company is an ideal platform to deliver a brand new and better e-Commerce experience to our users. Our product engineering team is responsible for building an e-Commerce ecosystem that is innovative, secure and intuitive for our users. We are looking for passionate and talented people to join us as we drive the future of e-Commerce here.

Roles and Responsibilities

Our software engineers for product infrastructure role combine software and systems engineering disciplines to run high-performance, large-scale distributed infrastructure. This means you will be deeply involved in the developmental lifecycle of critical software services, collaborating closely with product engineers to combine software code and systems knowledge to ensure that e-Commerce’s services are reliable, fault-tolerant, efficiently scalable and cost-effective. You will also be leveraging your software engineering expertise to develop software platforms and tools to optimise the operational and engineering efficiencies of complex systems at scale, with particular focus on improving the systems’ observability, performance and maintainability.

In this role, you will

– Safeguarding the stability and reliability of TikTok’s e-commerce database system.
– Deep understanding of e-commerce business, systematic database optimization and risk governance.
– Perform database fault discovery, localization, and stop-loss capability building to improve database anomaly recovery speed.
– In-depth understanding of database design for e-commerce business, working with R&D on database architecture design and optimization.
– Lead resource management and optimization of e-commerce database.


– Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in computer science, and 5+ years of experience in internet operation and maintenance.
– Proficient in MySQL, Redis, etc., with experience in large-scale database cluster management.
– Proficient in the architecture of mainstream databases, able to carry out reasonable database selection and design.
– Proficient in database optimization with independent database troubleshooting skills.
– Good communication, collaboration and facilitation skills.

Job Features

Job CategorySystems & Networking
SenioritySenior IC / Tech Lead
Base Salary$120,000 - $220,000

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