About Me


Seattle Pacific University 2020-2022

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2016-2018

Major in Psychology, Minor in Business

Work & Experience

Seattle Pacific University 09/01/2021

Graduate Research Assistant

● Worked in a research team to conduct research, draft analysis plan, and conduct interviews for the research on code-switching behaviors in the interview and workplace ● Assisted with several literature reviews and prepared memos, tables, and graphs based on findings, contributed to report writing and delivered effective presentations ● Scheduled weekly meetings and transcribed accurate notes by decomposing high-level information and summarizing low-level information for general understanding in Lumbreras Research Vertical Team that consists of five PhD’s student members

Seattle Pacific University 09/01/2021

Administrative Assistant – Work Control

● Developed and executed multiple project plans, such as composing standard operating procedures for new hires resulting in quicker transition into the work environment ● Managed 15 employee schedules based on their talents and operational factors by assigning work tasks to support customers’ needs ● Created organizational housing management system for 150+ personnel, successfully processed 500 work orders, and maintained 100% housing inspection pass rate

Better Living Counseling Service, Inc

Skill Builder

● Worked with certified therapists and Department of Health and Human Services to create detailed strategy and training program for over 50 clients based on clients’ data and research ● Provided consultation and training on problem-solving techniques to resolve clients’ financial, psychological, and interpersonal relationship issues, resulted in 85% client satisfaction rate ● Gathered and evaluated information from clients and translated findings into actionable business insights. Monthly assessments are performed to improve mission planning.

King Behavioral Health, LLC 01/01/2019

Clinical Psychologist Assistant

● Participated in 30 therapy sessions and assessed clients’ behavior via observations to perform behavioral analyses and reconcile conflicts by critically evaluating information gathered from multiple sources ● Conducted over 100 psychological assessments to identify clients’ behavioral issues and draw correlations between variables from the data collected and produced effective presentation for the team and client ● Brainstormed and executed upon meaningful analyses by evaluating literature review, clients’ data, and Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM-5), resulted in 100 formal reports

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 01/01/2018

Research Assistant

● Collected data from 3 research experiments from participants and ensured accurate and detailed responses to better understand and support ongoing research ● Developed interview questions and conducted interviews for participants as part of the experiment, resulted in new research findings on the Stress and Judgment study ● Acted as primary liaison between my team and participants to coordinate administrative tasks and collaborate on research data collection and analysis using SPSS

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Operations Leader

● Led the program support specialist team to ensure proper operation of the department that serves over 5,000 customers and resolved issues with application-level service performance ● Attended weekly meetings and developed incident management procedures to improve process and record tracking for each department in the fast-paced environment

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